Another ‘abusive’ taxi driver shortchanges a passenger

  • A Facebook user shares another bad experience with a rude taxi driver in Metro Manila
  • The cabbie allegedly not only demanded for an extra P50, but also shortchanged the passenger
  • The post has caught the attention of the LTFRB which has promised to summon the erring driver

She also took a snap of the meter showing the actual fare (Credit: Hazel Batac/Facebook)

MANILA, Philippines  – A female passenger has claimed to have been shortchanged, literally, by a taxi driver who demanded for extra money supposedly because of the horrendous traffic they encountered during the journey.

The latest unfortunate experience with a Metro Manila cab driver was shared on Facebook by one user named Haley Batac.

The incident allegedly happened on January 10, according to Batac, while she was travelling from Eastwood City to Tandang Sora in Quezon City.

As they were approaching Commonwealth Avenue, Batac said the driver demanded for an additional P50 on top of the metered fare, supposedly to ‘compensate’ for the heavy traffic.

When the sharer asked the cabbie for an explanation why she has to pay more other than what was indicated on the meter, the driver allegedly replied in a raised voice.

“Sabi ko, ‘Bakit ko Kuya dadagdagan e may metro naman.’ Ang sabi niya, ‘Eh ang traffic traffic e,’” Batac recalled in her Facebook post.

(I asked him ‘Why do I have to add more when the fare is metered.’ He replied, ‘Because of the heavy traffic’.)

After reaching her destination, Batac said she handed the driver a P500 bill to pay for the P295.50 metered fare. To her surprise, the cabbie only gave her back P100 as change.

To avoid further argument and out of fear for her safety, Batac said she decided to just accept the P100 and get off the vehicle, but reported the incident to the condominium security. (Click here to read more)


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