Boy hailed a hero for saving bus full of students from crashing

  • A 14-year-old student saves the lives of 50 students after he reacted on instinct to stop a bus going wayward
  • The bus driver reportedly fell out of her chair unconscious before the vehicle was hit by a car behind
  • The heroic boy was cited by the school for his courage

A 14-year-old boy has been cited for heroism for saving the lives of about 50 students when the bus they were in went wayward after the driver fell out of her chair unconscious.

Cory Lewis, a student of Fairgrove Middle School in Fairmont, North Carolina, was presented a citation by Robeson County School Board during a meeting on Tuesday, January 12, said a report from WBTW.

The incident reportedly happened in December when the school bus driver fell unconscious for still unknown reason. The bus was crossing a stop sign when a car from behind hit it halfway into the other side.

“I noticed the bus driver wasn’t in her seat, I got up from off the ground, I went up here and I hit the brake,” Cory told WBTW.

The boy added he saw the bus was careening towards the other side of the road full of pine trees and a ditch just a few meters ahead when he reacted on instinct.

As it turned out, Cory’s training has been credited to her mother, Lisa Locklear, who has been a bus driver for nearly two decades. (Click here to read more)


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