“High” cabbie threatens a female passenger over fare misunderstanding

  • A female passenger shares her terrifying experience with a nasty cab driver
  • The cabbie threatens to harm her over a fare misunderstanding
  • The driver is believed to be high on drugs

MANILA, Philippines –  A taxi driver, who is believed to be high on drugs, is in hot water after threatening a female passenger over a fare misunderstanding.

A video of the terrifying encounter was uploaded by a Facebook user named  Joanna A. Garcia and has since gone viral on social media on Tuesday, January 5.

According to Garcia’s story, she boarded the cab with plate no. UWB 666 with another female companion at SM North taxi queue. The driver supposedly asked P250 for the journey, but Garcia said she insisted on a metered fare.

Upon reaching the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) office, presumably in Ortigas, Garcia said she handed the cabbie P200, expecting a P50 change (the meter read only P140).

It was at this point that the three had a heated argument; apparently from the misunderstanding about the agreed fare.

Garcia claimed the unnamed driver raised his voice and hurled invictives at her during the confrontation. (Click here to read more)


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