This woman isn’t just a ‘dancing traffic enforcer’, she runs after snatchers too

  • Female traffic enforcer known as the ‘dancing queen’ of Boni Ave. bravely chases a snatcher
  • She catches the thief and subdues him after trying to resist arrest
  • The Facebook user only wants to share the woman’s story so she could get the proper commendation

Screenhot of Ms. Dela Cruz post

MANILA, Philippines – She entertains commuters while at the same time helps ease the traffic. She is known as the ‘dancing queen’ of Boni Avenue.

But apparently, there is more to this woman than just directing vehicles with the sway of her hips and the waves of her hands. She runs after and catches snatchers in the area, too.

According to a Facebook post by one Edith de la Cruz, Mandaluyong City traffic enforcer, Ms. Imelda Dela Rosa Pante, went far beyond her duty last December 12 when she chased a snatcher all by herself.

Dela Rosa ran after the thief from Boni Shell station up to P.dela Cruz St. in Old Zaniga and successfully caught the latter.

“The snatcher was jailed. Thanks to this dancing queen,” De la cruz wrote. “She don’t just dance, she runs and kicks, too.”

A commenter on the Dela Cruz’s post said she witnessed the incident, and saw how the brave traffic enforcer subdued the culprit by hitting him when he tried to resist.

Dela Cruz added she posted Ms. Pante’s picture so that her story may reach the city hall officials – the city mayor or the congressman – so she can be accorded the proper commendation for her courage and dedication to her duty. (Click here to read more)


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