Viral: Seaman proposes to GF during ‘Hinugyaw’ Festival in Koronadal

  • A seaman in Koronadal City proposes to his girlfriend before a large crowd of people attending a festival
  • The woman, although a bit embarrassed, said yes amid the cheering of the crowd
  • The video of the scene was captured on video by a local councilor who shared it on social media and became viral

MANILA, Philippines  – A seaman surprised his girlfriend by proposing to her in public before a crowd of spectators who were attending the celebration of “Hinugyaw Festival” in Koronadal City in South Cotabato on Sunday, January 10.

The scene of the heartfelt proposal was captured on video by a local councilor who uploaded the clip on social media. It has since gone viral on Facebook.

Jason Darroca, a seaman who is currently on vacation, made use of the festive mood in Koronadal City’s welcome rotunda to propose to her girlfriend, Rea Rizza H. Penolvo, a nurse working in Saudi Arabia and who is also on holiday.

Darroca even conspired with a few people to bring Penolvo flowers one by one, while she nervously waited in anticipation to what is going to happen. He also spoke with the owner of the establishment who also happens to own the LED screen nearby which was used in the later part, according to a report by Edwin O. Fernandez for the Notre Dame Brodcasting Corportaion (NDBC) News.

Penolvo admitted later to the local news outlet she has been anticipating for a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, but didn’t expect it would happen the way it did.

After all the flowers were given, the viral clip showed Darroca’s accomplices guiding Penolvo to the center of the roaring crowd. He then popped out a ring from his pocket, went down to his knees and asked: “Will you marry me?”

The same exact words also kept on flashing on the LED screen, as the Darocca, as well as the rest of the crowd, waited for the answer.’ (Click here to read more)


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