Lankan driver gets warm farewell from Saudi royal family he served for 33 years

  • A Sri Lankan is given a warm send-off by members of a Saudi royal family
  • He had served the family for more than 30 years as a private driver
  • The members broke protocol just to attend the event
  • The retiring expat driver fondly recalls the family’s kindness towards him

A Sri Lankan expatriate got a very warm and emotional farewell from members of a Saudi Arabia royal family he had served for more than three decades.

An Arab News report on January 19 identified the Sri Lankan as 76-year-old Watti; a non-Muslim who worked as a driver for a royal family who nicknamed him Samy as a sort of “gesture of affection for him.”

The party was reportedly held at the palace of  Prince Abdul Raman bin Farhan Al Saud in Riyadh on Thursday night, where several members of the royal family didn’t think twice about breaking protocol just to be able to attend the gathering for their ‘old friend’ who has since been accepted into the family.

Samy fondly remembered Prince Abdul Raman’s kindness to him during a time when a relative of his back in Sri Lankan stole the SR 100,000 he had just sent to his wife.

“The Prince heard of what happened and quickly summoned me and gave me the money,”  Sammy recalled. “I have found affection, warmth, respect and good treatment in this place.”

He continued: “The Prince had always joked with me by calling me ‘Prince Samy’.” (Click here to read more)


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