Man adopted 60 years ago finds out he’s a son of a Malaysian sultan

  • A man from Wales, UK discovers his father was a monarch from a state in Malaysia
  • He was put for adoption more than 60 years ago by his biological mother whom he later met and told him the story
  • He says he had no intention to lay claims to the royal title but would only want to find out more about himself

A man from Wales in United kingdom only wanted to trace part of his biological roots, but got the shock of his life after discovering he is actually the eldest son of a sultan from Malaysia.

Keith Williams, a 64-year-old coal merchant from Carmarthenshire, was adopted as a two-year-old more than six decades ago but had no idea his bloodline went as far as a country 6,000 miles away.

“When I was 13, my mother told me I was adopted. I’d never given it a thought. I never imagined I was related to a royal family from the other side of the world,” Williams told theSouth Wales Guardian.

Williams finally met his biological mother, Elizabeth Roa, somewhere in Peterborough more than 20 years ago while working at his adoptive father’s coal mine business.

She eventually revealed to him that his biological father is Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Shah; the 33rd sultan of the Malaysian state who served from January 1963 until January 1984 before dying of heart attack. (Click here to read more)


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