• An Iraqi boy fashioned a Lionel Messi jersey out of a white-and-blue striped plastic bag
  • The photo has since gone viral on social media after it was uploaded on Twitter last week
  • He is believed to be from an Iraqi town torn by war and ISIS atrocities
  • The touching image has sparked a wordwide campaign to track him down

An Iraqi boy who was photographed wearing a Lionel Messi football jersey fashioned out of a plastic bag has touched millions of hearts around the world and sparked a global campaign to search for him.

The photo, which showed the improvised shirt with ‘Messi’ and number ’10’ crudely scribbled on the back,  has gone viral on social media after it was tweeted by Turkish sports website Fanatik.

The boy in the picture is believed to be from the war-torn Iraqi town of Dohuk; home to thousands of families who fled from the atrocities of the Islamic State (ISIS) to several refugee camps

It is not clear, however, when the picture was actually taken.

Nevertheless, his effort to show how much he idolizes the football superstar has struck a chord among Messi fans who now launched a worldwide campaign to track him down.

The viral image has reportedly reached Lionel Messi’s management who promised to arrange ‘something’ for the boy; although neither the Argentine footballer nor his official social media account made any specific mention of the picture. (Click here to read more)


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