Angry workers lock boss’ car in scaffolding over unpaid wages

  • Angry workers in China clamp down their boss’ car over unpaid wages
  • The employees use 12 pieces of scaffoldings to encase their employer’s SUV
  • A worker says the company owed him at least $10,000 in back wages

Credit: The People's Daily

Angry migrant workers of a construction company in China made sure their boss will not be going one step farther with their unpaid wages by encasing the latter’s car in scaffoldings.

The People’s Daily reported that the workers are from Shangrao Economic Development Zone in east China’s Jiangxi province and their boss is said to be one of the firm’s shareholders tasked to oversee the payment disputes between the employees and the company.

Disgruntled over the company’s alleged non-action, workers took 12 pieces of scaffoldings and clamped the boss’ car, a Skoda SUV, which was parked near the firm’s office.

And just to make sure their employer will not be driving away to further ignore them, they also deflated the car’s four tires.

Pictures of the clamped Skoda have been uploaded and shared on different Chinese social media sites; going viral in the process.

Workers used 12 pieces of scaffoldings

In an interview with local reporters, one worker said the company owed him  at least 70,000 Chinese Yuan (US $10,600) in back wages which remains unpaid.

It was not immediately clear whether their effort succeeded.

China is home to around 270 million migrant workers who left their villages in the countryside to search for a greener pasture in the cities and often ended working in construction, hotels, restaurants or retails. (Click here to read more)


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