Strangers form human chain to save a truck driver from falling after crash

  • Complete strangers pull over and form human chain to save a truck driver
  • The man had an accident following a snowy storm in Pennsylvania early this week
  • A witness says he was both amazed and inspired by the spontaneous reaction of the men to save someone in peril

 Satanek captured the 'inspirng moment' on camera before rushing to the scene to help (credit: TT News)

Complete strangers banded together, arm-in-arm literally, to save a truck driver who has crashed and whose cab has fallen into a cliff during an East Coast stormy winter near the town of Bedford in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, January 26.

Arlyn Satanek, also a truck driver and who has witnessed the incident, was one of the several men who pulled over to save the driver in peril.

Speaking to WTAE – TV, Satanek recalled he was driving his truck along the Pennsylvania Turnpike near Pittsburgh when he received a warning on radio about the danger of the slippery road covered with snow.

He then saw another truck in trouble desperately trying to negotiate the icy pavement but ended up crashing into the guardrails and ‘dangerously teetering’ on the edge of the cliff of the turnpike.

“I saw the truck out in front of me pretty much finishing his wipe out and cutting of the entire two lanes of traffic and angling down over the cliff,” Satanek said; recalling that the road was covered with ice and fuel, and nearly half-a-mile of the guardrails were destroyed.

Quick-thinking men immediately pulled-over and formed a human chain to reach the driver who was injured and trapped inside his cab angling by the roadside. (Click here to read more)


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