Watch: Robbery gets busted after two drunk men stole keys from getaway car

  • Two drunk men foil a robbery in progress in Gold Coast, Australia
  • One of the men stole the keys from the getaway car’s ignition
  • The police has arrested a suspect in connection with the incident

Two Australian men from Gold Coast were hailed as heroes after foiling a robbery in progress by taking the keys from the getaway car which the thieves left running outside an Oporto store in Queensland.

Buddies James Ross-Munroe and Kane Wiblen were having a few drinks of beer and were arguing over the former’s busted flip-flops. Kiblen was recording their late-night out when they chanced upon two burglars trying to rob the takeaway shop near the Gold Coast Highway in Arundel.

Ross-Munroe, seen in the video only in underwear shorts and who had disposed of his broken slipper, obviously intoxicated, immediately rushed to the white getaway car (a Holden Commodore) which the thieves had left outside while taking their loot.

The Aussie quickly opened the vehicle and took the car keys from the ignition while Wiblen was recording the whole incident.

The two then yelled at the nearby service attendant to call the police and report the robbery in progress.

After the two suspects re-emerged from the shop, to their utter disappointment they found the keys missing from the ignition. One thief quickly fled the scene, while the other was confronted by Ross-Munroe. (Click here to read more)


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