This fisherman’s daughter who is a teacher’s board topnotcher truly inspires

  • A fisherman’s daughter from Romblon placed 2nd in professional teacher’s board exam
  • She made history by becoming the first-ever BSED graduate from the university to land in the top 10
  • Her story serves as in inspiration for many other poor children of Romblon

MANILA, Philippines – Many stories have been told about children from poor families who overcame hardships and poverty to excel in professional board examinations across the country – and they truly serve as inspiration for others.

Iah Bantang Serespi’s story is among those to inspire many more. She is a daughter of a fisherman from Romblon.

The 21-year-old Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED) Cum Laude graduated with Biological Science major from Romblon State University (RSU) Main Campus in Odiongan.

She took the Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (BLEPT) in September last year and placed second among 34,010 who successfully passed out of the 81,463 examinees with  average rating of 90.00 percent.

According to Romblon News, Iah made history by becoming the very first-ever BSED graduate from the university to land as a BLEPT topnotcher.

A consistent honor student

Iah is the daughter of Miguel Roa Seraspi, a local fisherman, and Susan Francisco Bantang, a plain housewife. She is the eldest in the family and has two other siblings.

Despite their struggles in life, Iah was a consistent honor pupil – having graduated from elementary as salutatorian, and from highschool as class valedictorian.

She passed the UPCAt qualifying exam but eventually chose to enroll at RSU because, to her own words, “meeting the daily grinds at UP was something her family can bite off more than they could chew.”

“Many knew how poor we are but not everybody will understand how it feels to be one. There are many worries. There are many doubts. There are many uncertainties. There are many ‘what ifs?’. So I chose the safest decision – to find my fortune here at RSU,” Iah said in a testimonial dinner for her achievement held last month.

Truly an inspiration

Born to a poor family, Iah can only draw strength and inspiration from her experiences.

“I came from a poor family. I am not telling you this to humiliate my family nor to get your sympathy,” she said in her emotional speech. “I just want you to realize how blessed you are if you were able to live a life better than mine.” (Click here to read more)


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