Saudi eyes 40-hour work week with two days off

  • Saudi Arabia’s powerful council affirms the 40-hour work week proposal
  • Under the amendment’s provision, a two-day off will also be granted for private sectors
  • The news has been lauded by both local and expatriate employees
  • However, some members disapprove; citing negative effect on cost and productivity

The proposal to shift to a 40-hour-work week with two days off for private sectors in Saudi Arabia gets a boost after the powerful Shoura Council maintained its earlier decision to support the amendment to the existing labor law.

Majority of the council on Monday voted in favor of the proposal with a few dissenters demanding a revote. However, Fahaad Al-Hamad, Assistant President of the Council, said the session decided to stick with the majority votes.

The controversial amendment to Article 98 of Saudi’s Labor Law was first approved during the council’s 65th session on December 16 last year and was reaffirmed in the latest voting.

Under its new provision, the law stipulates “that no employee shall be asked to work more than 40 hours a week and the daily work hours shall not exceed eight hours.”

A welcome development

The recent development was welcomed by both local workers and expatriate employees who agreed that it will encourage them to work better and more efficiently and will give them more spare time to spend with their family and loved ones. (Click here to read more)


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