No, they’re not triplets, but can you guess who’s the mom?

  • A photo of three women has set the internet wondering who could be the mother
  • The picture became viral on social media 
  • Commenters use the process of elimination to determine which one is the mom
  • Others say the clue lies in the caption itself

This Instagram photo has set the internet guessing who the mother is among the three women who appear almost identical, and as many have suggested, looks of the same age.

The picture was uploaded on social media byKaylan Mahomes with the caption: “Mom, twin and me.”

So, it is settled that they are not triplets, but rather, two of them are twins and one would be their mom. But which one is which?

The picture has gone viral on the internet; picked up by many news websites including the CNN.

It has been retweeted more than 19,000 times and earned more than 31,000 likes since its posting last January 28.

Meanwhile, commenters are going crazy with their own guesses. But, apparently, many have some difficulty in telling the mother apart from her twin daughters in the viral picture.

Others also complimented the mom, whoever she turned out to be in the  photo, for having beautiful daughters.

“Black is beautiful I can’t even tell which one is mom dukes y’all look like sisters,” one Twitterfollower wrote.

“This is worse than figuring out what color the dress is,” another said in jest; referring to another internet craze “Which color is the dress” a few months ago. (Click here to read more)


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