GrabCar driver’s effort to help the homeless ‘restores passenger’s faith in humanity’

  • A GrabCar passenger narrates a touching story of a driver who stopped to give food to the homeless in the streets of Manila
  • The sharer says she was initially worried after they briefly stopped at a dark alley in Pedro Gil
  • However, she was amazed after realizing that the driver has been doing a ‘simple act of kindness’ with his friends for some time already
  • The story goes viral on social media

MANILA, Philippines – Another heartwarming story told by a GrabCar passenger who initially got scared over what she presumed was another modus is going viral on social media presently.

The touching tale is narrated on Facebook by one Gelica Manuel Tulauan; a self-confessed Grab app fan. The heartwarming incident supposedly happened after she boarded a Grab cab at Gateway in Cubao on her way to Moriones, Tondo.

According to Ms. Tulauan, they were cruising along Pedro Gil street towards Roxas Boulevard, after dropping a female friend in Quirino around midnight, when the GrabCab driver named Carlo Santiago Diaz suddenly told her they will be stopping briefly at a dark street.

Wary of stories about women falling victims to unscrupulous taxi drivers and their modus  operandis, Tulauan said the thought of being left alone in the car in the dark alley of Metro Manila sent her spine tingling in paranoia.

“I was pretending to look at my phone, but all my “danger sensors” were on high-alert because the Grab driver suddenly slowed down and said something that I wasn’t able to catch entirely,” the sharer wrote.

Before she could react, the driver pulled over, took a medium-sized brown bag from his feet, got off and walked towards the dark sidewalk.

In trouble?

Tulauan said she didn’t feel comfortable at all with what was happening outside, so she decided to call a friend; which, to her dismay, did not pick up the phone.

“I was looking for something that would convince me that I was in trouble and that I needed to get out of there fast,” she said.

She then saw Diaz bend a little, talking to an old woman who herself appears surprised when the driver handed her the brown bag, and seemed to be asking if it was really meant for her.

The driver nodded in affirmation before waving goodbye and returned quickly to the car.

“By this time, all thoughts of gory news headlines and horrible viral Facebook stories in my head were gone. They were replaced with a bit of relief, and a lot of shock and embarrassment for the way I acted,” the sharer continued. (Click here to read more)


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