Student draws flak for using PH flag to mop floor

  • Student draws online condemnation for disrespecting the national flag
  • The boy in the clip used the flag to mop the floor
  • Social media users say the boy should be taught a lesson and punished for insulting a national symbol

An unnamed student draws strong online criticisms for disrespecting the Philippine flag after a video surfaced online showing him using it to mop the floor.

The student, whose identity remains unknown, can be seen holding a small replica of the Philippine flag before using its fabric part to clean the floor while others can be heard admonishing the boy for his action.

The short clip was uploaded on the Facebook page Filipino Netizens and quickly earned reproach from commenters.

“Walang galang na bata. Hindi ba tinuturo sa inyo sa paaralan yan na dapat galangin ang ating bandila?dahil sa ginawa mo hindi lang tela binastos mo kundi ang lipunan kung nasaan ka ngayon,” the caption read.

[Disrespectful brat. Are they not teaching you in school that flags should be respected? Because of what you did, you insult not only the cloth, but also the society where you belong.]

The video was flooded with comments which chided the student for his disrespect. (Click here to view the video and read more)


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