Watch: Wild leopard attacks school in India, six people hurt

  • A wild leopard strays off a nearby forest and entered a school in India
  • The animal attacks six people before it was subdued with a tranquilizer
  • The beast is now under treatment and observation at an animal rescue center while the injured men were rushed to a hospital

Six people were hurt, including a television crew and forestry employees, after a wild leopard attacked a school in Bangalore, India on Sunday, February 7.

The beast is believed to have come from a patch of forest near the Vibgyor International school in Kundalahalli area. India is home to an estimated 12,000 to 14,000 leopards living in the wilderness

Footage uploaded online shows the 8-year-old male leopard strolling inside the school premises while men struggled to contain the animal with a net. The clip shows the leopard attacking a man; later identified as conservation scientist, Sanjay Gubbi, near the pool before running to the other side.

Also injured were forest department employee Benny Maurius and an unidentified TV cameraman who was capturing the dramatic footage.

Local media said it took almost 10 hours before trained forestry workers managed to subdue the beast with a tranquilizer.

“It was a long struggle to capture the leopard. Although it was injected with tranquillisers it could be captured only around 20.15 local time when the medication took full effect,” a senior police official told reporters. (Click here to read more)


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