Former sex slaves take arms to fight ISIS in the frontline

  • A group of Yazidi women has taken up arms to fight the jihadists in the frontline
  • They were once ISIS sex slaves whose husbands, fathers and brothers were slaughtered
  • They sought the help of Kurdish Permeshga forces to train them in handling weapons and combat
  • These women are determined to fight ISIS not only to exact revenge, but to survive

They were scarred by the utter savagery of the terror group Islamic State who slaughtered their husbands and fathers, then took their sons to be trained as child-soldiers.

They were forced into sexual slavery; some of them put to death when no longer of use, but others managed to survive the unspeakable horror.

Now they are taking arms; not only to exact vengeance on their former tormentors, but also to survive.

These Yazidi women, numbering over a hundred, have signed up with the female battalion of the Kurdish Peshmerga to undergo military training that would prepare them for battle against the Sunni extremists who overrun their villages in Mount Sinjar in August 2014 and destroyed their lives, before the terrorists were eventually driven away by relentless US-led coalition airstrikes.

With most of their family and loved ones either already killed by ISIS or have killed themselves out of despair, 123 women who were once captives and sex slaves of ISIS are now raring to meet the terrorists in the frontline.

Force of the Sun Ladies

They call themselves the Force of the Sun Ladies; the name they chose in reference to their cultural reverence to the sun. They are aged between 17 and 37.

One of these brave ladies is Capt. Khatoon Khider who spoke to Fox News from their makeshift camp in Duhok, Iraq.

“Now we are defending ourselves from the evil; we are defending all the minorities in the region. We will do whatever is asked of us,” Capt. Khider said. (Click here to read more)


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