Lady defends Duterte from allegation of indecency, says media sensationalized ‘kissing spree’

  • A Facebook user defends Mayor Duterte from allegation of indecency towards women
  • She says she met the mayor and finds him a rather genuinely nice, simple and humble man
  • She also accuses the media of sensationalizing issues against Duterte and for portraying the mayor ‘unfairly’ in public

Screenshot of Ms. Sy's FB post

MANILA, Philippines – A woman took to social media to defend Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte from allegations of indecency towards women after the controversial ‘kissing spree’ during the latter’s visit to Pampanga a few days ago.

In her Facebook post, a netizen named Kat Sysaid she met Duterte in person and was greeted by a man who is ‘genuinely nice’ to other persons, regardless of his or her social status. She said she also finds the tough-talking mayor not intimidating, just plain simple and humble, contrary to what has been depicted in broadcast media.

“He was very engaging in our conversation, discussing about his plans for change that our country needs, abolishing crime & drugs specifically, which has been the root for so many other crimes,” Sy wrote.

Sy recalled only noticing the shift in Duterte’s emotion after the mayor started talking about issues he abhors the most and cannot stand – drugs, crimes and injustices – which she said is expected from any normal person who talks about things he hates.

Media sensationalizing

Sy also accused the media of sensationalizing issues against Duterte, especially about his alleged indecency towards women; with some of whom he was pictured flirting with and kissing in public.

The truth is, she said, media would only report half of what actually took place and leave the rest for the public’s imagination and judgement.

“This is say: I have seen mayor oblige to all requests, be it for a picture, a kiss etc, and sometimes he even jokes around with the people,” Sy wrote further. (Click here to read more)


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