Saudi muttawa arrest mascot for ‘baring some skin’?

  • A man dressed as a mascot was reportedly arrested by religious police in Saudi
  • He was allegedly questioned for not following the strict dress code for women which prohibits them from ‘showing skin’ in public
  • The incident sparked hate comments against the muttawa on Twitter

This photo trended on Twitter, mocked by netizens

Morality police in Saudi Arabia reportedly arrested a man dressed as a mascot for ‘showing some skin’, or to be more precise, for not wearing the prescribed clothing for women which include an abaya and a jihab to cover one’s body, head and face.

According to Vocativ, citing local media reports, the man was wearing a female, cartoon-like mascot and was performing at the opening of a sweet shop when he was confronted by members of the dreaded The Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice ormuttawa (religious police).

The arrest took place on Thursday, February 4 in the city of Kharaj; a few miles off the capital Riyadh.

Outrage on social media

The incident triggered an onslaught of hate comments against the muttawa on Twitterafter a picture circulated showing the arrested man still dressed as mascot sitting in the back of a religious police car.

Incensed social media users mocked themuttawa; describing the act as ‘ridiculous’ and bordering on ‘stupidity’ for trying to implement a law against a harmless, giant-sized cartoon.

“It’s awful that it’s 2016 and these idiots still have any authority,” one local Twitter user said. (Click here to read more)


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