Japan to build world’s tallest tower

  • Japan is planning to construct what could be the next tallest tower in the world
  • Dubbed “Sky Mile Tower”, the structure will have an imposing height of 5577 feet
  • It will be a part of the megacity being developed in the reclaimed Tokyo Bay
  • Expected completion is scheduled in 2045

With an imposing height of 5,577 feet (1.7 kilometers) or one mile, Japan’s proposed Sky Mile Tower is set not only to eclipse but to double Dubai’s Burj Khalifa; currently the world’s tallest structure.

The Sky Mile Tower will rise in the reclaimed Tokyo Bay which is being developed into a megacity that will house around half-a-million residents as part of the proposed “Next Tokyo 2045.”

From the concept of architects Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF) and Leslie E. Roberson Associates (LERA), the mile-high building is designed to resist flooding caused by storm surges.

The mixed-use residential building can accomodate as much as 55,000 occupants who will share amenities such as shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, gyms, libraries, and health clinics.

However, designers will have to contend with various issues like pumping water to the top and wind pressure, which design requirement at that height is expected to exceed those for the earthquake.

Nevertheless, designers are optimistic that technology will find the answer for them to solve such problems. (Click here to read more)


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