Japanese national paints an overpass in Baguio for free

  • A Japanese national is pictured voluntarily painting an overpass in Baguio
  • He is the same guy who is seen regularly cleaning the trashes near the area
  • His picture last year became viral on social media, earning commendations from netizens

Most foreigners came to the Philippines to invest, others to enjoy, but there are few who are here to inspire —  to do what most Filipinos failed or refused to do.

A Japanese businessman in Baguio named Mazakasu Nose is a perfect example for the latter. He runs a waffle store at a mall and alternates as the city ‘cleaner’, but one who works for free.

Nose is known to many Baguio residents as the Japanese man who regularly roams the overpass connecting Maharlika and Tiongsan with a tong and a trash bag in tow and picking up the trashes, and he’s been doing it voluntarily.

His picture doing his rounds of praise-worthy deeds made it to the internet last year and became viral; earning commendation from social media users.

Just recently he was again pictured, but this time he was painting the overpass.

His deep sense of volunteerism has earned the admiration and respect of Baguio residents and visitors alike. (Click here to read more)


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