Look: Miriam kept sunglasses she used in the 1992 election, and still wears them

  • Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago shares Facebook photo of herself in sunglasses
  • She says it was the same eyepiece she wore back in the 1992 presidential campaign
  • The photo earns more than 50,000 likes from her social media followers

MANILA, Philippines  – She may have left behind all the bitterness in her controversial defeat to Fidel V. Ramos in the 1992 presidential election, but Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago kept something from those memories —  a sunglasses.

Miriam run for president in 1992 and was considered the frontrunner in many surveys leading to the election; only to lose to Ramos five days into the counting of ballots.

On her Facebook post, the Ilonggo senator shared a picture of herself wearing the same sunglasses in two pictures that are more than two decades apart.

“I still have my vintage round sunglasses that I used 24 years ago when I first ran for president #ThrowbackThursday,” she captioned the photo.

The picture earned more than 58,000 likes from her supporters and social media followers and was shared nearly 1,500 times.

In the 1992 election, Santiago placed runner-up to Ramos who was declared victor after garnering 23.58% of the total votes, compared to her 19.72%.

Santiago cried foul and claimed to have been cheated by the Ramos camp; citing incidence of massive power outage nationwide during the canvassing of ballots. She filed an electoral protest which was eventually dismissed. (Click here to read more)



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