Buckle up! Is this how livestock are transported in China?

  • Amusing pictures showing chicken and ducks attached to a car’s trunk went viral in China
  • The car is said to belong to a family who have just returned from a Chinese New Year holiday
  • Netizens were divided in their reactions to the viral photos


Some amusing photos of livestocks being transported rather unusually, if not unsafely, by a family supposedly returning from a Chinese holiday has gone viral in China.

In the viral photo captured by another motorist, a chicken can be seen taped on top of the gray car’s trunk while two ducks were hanging separately from a sack inserted between the opening to keep them from falling.

The driver and his family are said to be returning home after spending the Spring Festival holiday someplace else in Guangdong province in China.

The pictures quickly draws a few chuckles from Chinese netizens, as well as criticisms from others.

“Won’t the birds lose all their feathers after the highway trip?” one commenter wrote on Facebook page of People’s Daily Online.

“Some passengers were not buckled up!” added another.

But others were not laughing; slamming the driver for supposedly treating the animals harshly. (Click here to read more)


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