Pope Francis personally gives medicine to a sick child during Mexico visit

  • Pope Francis visits a pediatric hospital in Mexico City on Valentine’s Day
  • He hands out rosaries to the sick children and blesses them
  • He is also seen personally giving medicine to young patient

Pope Francis visited a pediatric institution in Mexico on Sunday, February 14, and prayed with the sick children at the Federico Gomez Pediatric Hospital located in the capital Mexico City of the predominantly Catholic Latin-American country.

At one point, the pontiff was also seen personally administering  medicine to a young patient. He also handed out rosaries to the children who welcomed him cheerfully with dance and songs.

During his visit, Pope Francis blessed the children and spoke to them about the child Jesus.

“He was very small, just like some of you,” the Pope said; telling the patients he is very grateful to God for giving him the opportunity to visit the sick and their families at the hospital “to share a little of your life and of those who work here.”

The Catholic leader also recounted a biblical story about the presentation of Jesus to Simeon by Joseph and Mary at the temple.

“He took Jesus in his arms and held him close, and began to bless the Lord. Looking at Jesus inspired him in two ways: the feeling of gratitude and the desire to bless,” Pope Francis said of Simeon; whom he described as the ‘uncle’ who taught about  gratitude and blessing. (Click here to read more)


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