McDonald’s to offer beer in a South Korean outlet, the first ever in Asia

  • A McDonald’s outlet in South Korea is preparing to include beer in its menu
  • It will be the first time the alcoholic beverage is offered in a McDonald’s menu in Asia
  • The venture, however, is not new to the American fastfood chain as beer and alcohol has been a part of its menu in the US and other European countries

Beers and burgers, anyone?

A McDonald’s outlet in South Korea will be the first branch in Asia to add beer in its menu made up mainly of burgers and French fries.

Inspired by a report that South Korea is home to the biggest drinkers in the world, McDonald’s will soon add beer ot its menu in an outlet in the Pangyo Techno Valley in Gyeonggi province just outside the capital Seoul.

The move is reportedly aimed at boosting McDonald’s sales in the area which is known to be populated by the “young, hip, well-paid and tech-driven” types from the city.

However, there is a catch to the offer – one beer for each burger only. So the menu is not exactly for the heavy drinkers; unless they eat a lot of burgers, too.

Moreover, one has to show an identification card to claim the pint of beer, and must be at least 19 years old – the legal drinking age in the country.

According to NZ Herald, South Koreans drink the heaviest in the world; consuming  an average of 14 shots of hard liquor every week. Add to this the relatively cheap price of beers in the Asian country, which is about $1 a bottle compared to its own national drink Soju that cost two times the price. (Click here to read more)


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