AFP to acquire P570-M tactical communications sytems

  • The Armed Forces of the Philippines is acquiring tactical communications systems worth P570-million
  • This was confirmed by an American company which received the order for the supply of said equipment
  • The move has been touted as AFP’s continued international standardization of its assets

MANILA, Philippines – The Armed Forces of the Philippines is acquiring tactical radio communications systems worth P570-million from an American company as part of its ongoing modernization program.

This was confirmed by Harris Corporation in a statement on Business Wire on Tuesday, February 16; saying it received an order from AFP for the supply of tactical vehicular radios, intercom systems and handheld radios worth $12-million.

Among the equipment ordered by AFP is the the Falcon RF-7800V Combat Net Radio integrated into the RF-7800I Intercom Systems which will go to the Light Armored Division of the Philippine Army. The system is described as a “comprehensive solution for in-vehicle voice and data communications that delivers secure tactical network connectivity.”

Also in the pipeline is Falcon RF-7800V handheld VHF Combat Net Radio which will be distributed for general use of the Philippine Army.

“These radios will provide soldiers in the Philippine Army with advanced command and control, and real-time situational awareness capabilities,” Brendan O’Connell, president, Tactical Communications, Harris Communication Systems said in a statement. (Click here to read more)


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