PAF’s brand new FA-50 fighters escort Pres. Aquino’s plane

  • Two FA-50 fighter jets escort Pres. Aquino’s flight as it enters the country’s airspace
  • It is the first time PAF planes get to play the role of escorting the commander-in-chief since 2005
  • The fighter jets were the first two units delivered in November last year from South Korea
  • Sources say the delegation onboard the president’s filght were ‘swelling with pride’

MANILA, Philippines – President Benigno ‘Pnoy’ Aquino III’s plane was escorted by two FA-50 fighter jets from the Philippine Air Force (PAF) as it entered the country’s airspace coming from an official trip to the United States on Friday, February 19.

The FA-50’s were the first two of the 12 units acquired by the Philippine military from South Korea as part of the country’s armed forces modernization program initiated by the present administration.

The lead-in trainer jets arrived in November last year.

It was the first time the PAF played a similar role for the country’s commander-in-chief since 2005. The  PAF F-5s that were used then has since been decommissioned.

Aquino was aboard the PR-001 along with other members of the delegation that attended the US-ASEAN summit in California early this week.

His flight was joined by the two FA-50s flown by fighter pilots from PAF’s Air Defense Wing over Polillo Island in Quezon province.

A source told Inquirer that everyone aboard the president’s flight were ‘swelling with pride’ as they looked out the window; Aquino included. (Click here to read more)


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