Royal Caribbean Cruises wants Pinoy staff because guests love them – CEO

  • Royal Caribbean Cruises CEO explains why they prefer hiring Filipino employees
  • He says Filipinos provide tremendous service and cruise guests seem to love them
  • He adds Filipino staff are their best recruiters; bringing their friends and kin to work onboard

MANILA, Philippines – Certainly, there must be some reasons why Royal Caribbean Cruises decided to set up a direct recruitment center here in the Philippines and hire as many as possible Filipinos who are qualified for various positions.

Royal Caribbean International (RCI) chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) Richard Fain revealed that his company prefers to hire more Filipino staff than any other nationalities because cruise guests seem to love them.

Moreover, Filipinos in return, love their jobs back that they recruit families, friends and neighbors to join them to work aboard the cruise liners.

“We already have more Filipino seafarers than any other nationalities and they provide tremendous level of service. Our guests love them,” Fain told Cathy Yang during an interview early this week on ANC’s The Boss.

“The other thing is they seem to love us, love working for us. They are our best recruiters. They talk to their friends, their neighbors, their in-laws and they bring others to come,” the RCI CEO added.

Fain also confirmed they intend to hire 11,000 Filipino staff this year and up to as many as 30,000 by 2020; and by opening a direct hiring center in the country would make things a lot easier both for the applicants and the company. (Click here to read more)


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