US to continue patrols in the region amid reports of China’s missile deployment

  • US vows to continue military operation in Asia-Pacific region amid reports of China’s missile deployment in South China Sea
  • A White House official says US troops will continue to fly, sail and operate anywhere that international law allows
  • Secretary of State John Kerry will hold ‘serious talks’ with China over militarization of contested territories

No action from China could deter the United States’ commitment to ensure that international laws are being upheld by concerned nations in the Asia-Pacific region, this was according to a Washington defense official.

Diplomatic tension between US and China was once again thrust to the limelight at the US-ASEAN summit in California early this week following reports that surface-to-air missile system have been deployed by Chinese troops at one of Paracel island’s features.

“We’re strengthening principal order and upholding international law. That won’t change,” said a US defense official who spoke to Voice of America (VOA) on the condition of anonymity. “We have the capability to counter this type of surface-to-air missiles.”

This was echoed by White House press secretary Josh Earnest who asserted that US military will continue to “fly, sail and operate” anywhere in the region that international law allows them.

Maintaining that territorial disputes in West Philippine Sea/South China Sea is something that should be settled amicably among nation-claimants, Earnest noted that early military operations conducted by US troops are clear indications of their intent to keep things the way it should be, and that is according to prevailing international laws.


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