PCEC bishop defends Pacquiao, calls for Nike boycott for shaming a Pinoy ‘hero’

  • An Evangelical church bishop defends Manny Pacquiao from the deluge of criticisms
  • He also calls for boycott of Nike products by Filipinos around the world
  • The bishop says Nike shamed a Filipino hero

MANILA, Philippines – A bishop from the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC) has come to Manny Pacquaio’s defense by calling on Filipinos worldwide to boycott Nike products.

Nike has recently dropped the 8-time boxing division titlist from its rosters of sports celebrity endorsers following an anti-gay slur comparing homosexual couples to animals.

But PCEC bishop and national director Noel Pantoja said Nike’s decision was done in haste and ‘counter-factual’.

“I am calling all Filipinos around the world to boycott NIKE products for shaming a Filipino hero and an honorable congressman of the Philippines as wells as the whole Filipino population around the world — until Nike company apologizes for their hasty, counter factual and wrong decision,” ABS-CBN News quoted Pantoja’s statement.

However, Pantoja clarified the statement was not an attack on the LGBT community, but rather “a conviction of a Christian, based on the bible on the issue of same-sex marriage.”  He added Pacquiao was merely responding to a question of “a querying media”.

He also pointed out their position is not meant to spark animosity between LGBT people and the Christian believers, but as a response to Nike for bullying a Filipino hero.

“It was wrong because Nike just bullied a hero admired by 100 million Filipinos in the country and 10 million more around the world, as a good-hearted benevolent and philanthropic person that has brought honor to the country and helped millions especially the poorest of the poor in the Philippines,” said Pantoja. (Click here to read more)


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