A Bible ‘miraculously’ survives a burnt car; driver rescued

  • A Jeep goes off course and crashes into a pole in Memphis
  • The driver was eventually rescued by responding officers aided by some ‘Good Samaritans’
  • But rescuers did not expect to see a Bible surviving a completely charred car, unscathed and unburned

The Jeep quickly caught fire after hitting a pole (Credit: WMC-TV)

I just saw GOD on the 385 – This is how a witness described an accident in State Route 385 in Memphis, Tennessee after a car veered off the road to the left, hit a pole and was quickly engulfed by fire.

The incident reportedly happened on Sunday, February 21, at around 2:00 pm.

Responding officers, with the help of some Good Samaritans, tried desperately to rescue the driver who was pinned behind the steering wheel, unconscious.

“Everybody started getting stuff to bust the windows. We had to get the man out of this car,”  one of the witnesses, Elicia Bridgfort, told WMC – TV.

As it appeared that the driver was completely trapped behind the wheels, one man quickly joined with an iron jack in hand and broke the car window, while others tried to find an extinguisher to put out the fire.

“All I could find was a gallon of water, so I went back and wet him so maybe it wouldn’t burn him and I could keep him as moist as possible,” another witness recalled.

The rescue officer managed to pull out the man from the driver seat before the car exploded. The victim was immediately rushed to the Regional Medical Center where he remains in non-critical condition.

But the story doesn’t end there. (Click here to read more)


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