FB post claims Pacman’s ‘campaign car’ seen parked in front of ‘mistress’ house; netizens react

  • A Facebook post claims Pacman’s campaign car was seen parked in front of the boxer’s alleged mistress
  • The sharer also calls out Jinky’s attention to the address of the house
  • Netizens are quick to react to the post; with many saying the sharer could be spreading libelous lies
  • A member of Team Pacman denies the house belong to Pacquiao’s alleged mistress; saying it belongs to one of their members who also happen to own the car

Screenshot of Ms. Badoy's post

MANILA, Philippines –  A Facebook post has claimed that a ‘campaign car’ bearing the stickers of Sarangani  congressman and United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) senatorial bet Manny Pacquaio was seen parked infront of the boxer’s alleged mistress’ house.

The post by Lorraine Marie Badoy, daughter of former Sandiganbayan Associate Justice Anacleto Badoy, alleged that the house in the picture belongs to Pacquiao’s mistress whose name she did not mention.

“Guess what I saw when I went on a run this morning in my village? Manny Pacquiao’s campaign car in front of his mistress’ house,” Ms. Badoy wrote in her post.

A common knowledge

She also called out Manny’s wife, Jinkee’s attention to the address of the house in the picture, saying it was a mansion in Soliven 3, corner Finland Street; referring to an address in the Loyola Grand Villas in Quezon City.

She added further: “It really is common knowledge who lives in that house on Soliven corner Finland: Manny pakyaw’s mistress.”

Ms. Badoy also had some choice words for the Filipino boxer who was at the center of a recent controversy after being quoted in an interview saying same-sex couples are “worse than animals.”

“And until he opened his big mouth and made his filthy, noxious, ignorant, unenlightened, hateful views known, I didn’t give a rat’s ass about his private life. What do I care about this stupid ignorant’s life,” she wrote.

 Netizens react

But Ms. Badoy’s post was reviled by many commenters; saying she could have been propagating an unsubstantiated accusation without proof. Others also branded her a gossip or ‘tsismosa’.

“Are you even sure it’s him? What if it’s just one his staff using the car? Stop trying to find fault in him. He may have said his opinion and he had a point but it does not make you a better person either. Like look at you now? I could only pity you…” one wrote on the comment thread. (Click here to read more)


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