PAF’s new FA-50s to take part in People Power 30th anniversary

  • PAF’s two brand new FA-50s will take part in the 30th EDSA People Power celebration
  • An Air Force official says the lead-in trainer jets will be joined by 26 other aircraft in making a fly-by over EDSA
  • Two military choppers will also be dropping flowers over the People Power monument

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Air Force’s (PAF) two brand new FA-50 lead-in trainer jets are set to grace the EDSA People Power 30th anniversary commemoration which will be held on Thursday, February 25.

Col. Enrico Canaya, PAF’s spokesperson, told Inquirer in a statement that the two FA-50s will make a fly-by over the People Power monument in Edsa. It will be joined by 26 other military aircraft from the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

“Our two FA-50 lead-in fighters will perform high-speed opener passes,” said Col.Canaya.

Joining the FA-50s in their fly-by maneuver are 3 AgustaWestland AW-109 attack helicopters,  3 Bell-412 utility helicopters, three Bell UH-1D military utility helicopters, and 15 SF-260 light military trainer jets.

Two of the UH-1D choppers will be dropping flowers at the site of the celebration.

“Usually flower drops are only conducted during the celebrations. We are just providing what the organizers requested,” explained the Air Force official.

The FA-50s arrived in the country in November last year from South Korea. It was the first two of the 12 units acquired by the Philippine military from South Korea as part of the country’s armed forces modernization program initiated by the Aquino administration.

The rest of the dozen units is expected to be delivered in 2017. (Click here to read more)


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