State media: China should fire shots at US ships near fake islands to ‘teach them lesson’

  • A state media commentary urges the Chinese government to take harsher action against the United States over territorial dispute in the region
  • It encourages the military to fire a warning shot at the US ships who continue to violate the country’s so-called sovereignty over some disputed island
  • The writer also dares government to deliberately ram the US ships if it comes within 12-nautical miles of the islands in South China Sea

Amid the ongoing battle of rhetorics between the United States and China, the Chinese state media has urged the government to teach American troops some lesson by firing a warning shot at the latter’s ships if it comes near the man-made islands in the West Philippine Sea/ South China Sea.

Citing an article posted on the social media account of the People’s Daily overseas edition, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) said the editorial dared the Chinese Navy to also ‘deliberately ram’ the US ships if it continue to violate and threaten the country’s sovereignty over disputed islands.

“China must make its stance clear in the Paracels by taking firmer action against incursions, it said. This included escorting out vessels and – in worst-case scenarios – deliberately colliding with ships to teach them a lesson,” the Hong Kong-based SCMP said in a report.

The Chinese state media was referring to an incident last month when USS Curtis Wilbur came to within 12-nautical miles of the Triton Island in the Paracels chain; a feature controlled by China but also claimed by Vietnam. (Click here to read more)


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