Afghan boy in viral photo finally gets real Messi shirt signed by football star

  • The Afghan boy in viral photo finally receives an authentic Lionel Messi shirt
  • The Barcelona forward sends the package which contains two shirts and a football
  • Lionel Messi himself signed all the gifts

MANILA, Phillipines  – The Afghan boy who became an internet sensation after his photograph wearing a homemade jersey fashioned out of a plastic bag finally got one of his wishes – to wear a real Lionel Messi shirt.

And it was not just like any Messi shirt; it was signed by the Barcelona star forward himself and he got two of them.

Five-year-old Murtaza Ahmadi, whose family lives in an impoverished and remote village of Jaghori in Afghanistan’s Ghazni province, became the subject of a worldwide campaign to track him down after his photo went viral online.

Murtaza’s brother actually made the improvised shirt for the boy who has been wanting to have a Messi jersey while playing football; but his family could not afford to buy him a replica. The brother took a picture of Murtaza wearing the famous plastic jersey and uploaded a copy on Facebook.

“He stopped crying after wearing that plastic bag shirt,” his father, Arif Ahmadi, earlier told the media.

In one of the latest photos uploaded on the Facebook page of Unicef Afghanistan, Murtaza can be seen wearing the authentic Messi while making  a peace sign. (Click here to read  more)


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