Waiter sues Pacman over uncollected ‘finder’s fee’ in Mayweather bout

  • A Los Angeles waiter sues Manny Pacquaio et. al for allegedly shortchanging him of his ‘finder’s fee’
  • The waiter claims Pacquiao, Roach and CBS agreed to give him 2% of the gross profit from the fight’s earnings
  • He estimated his uncollected ‘finder’s fee’ to be $8.6-million
  • Pacquaio’s camp denies any knowledge of the deal

Salvador is a waiter at Craig's and is also an aspiring actor

A waiter from Los Angeles has sued Filipino boxer Manny Pacuiao, coach Freddie Roach, a certain Keith Davidson, and CBS/Showtime for allegedly stiffing him out of the finder’s fee for setting up a meeting that would pave the way for what was dubbed as the “Fight of the Century”.

Gabriel Salvador, an aspiring actor who also waits on tables at West Hollywood’s Craig’s – an upscale restaurant frequented by celebrities – said he agreed to set up a meeting between CBS executive Les Monves and Roach to make the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight eventually come to fruition.

According to TMZ Sports, who claim to have obtained some documents regarding the lawsuit, the meeting between Monves, Roach and Pacquiao finally took place in May 2014.

For making the arrangements, he supposedly demanded the ‘customary finder’s fee’ of 2 % of the gross profits from Pacquaio, Roach and Monves’ earnings from the fight; to which all the three allegedly agreed.

Salvador claimed that Roach himself assured him; saying: “You will never have to work another day as a waiter in your life.”

Manny’s lawyer tried to ‘strong arm’ him

He supposedly received a ticket for the fight, one night at a Las Vegas hotel and a $10,000 check to cover the expenses.

However, after the fight, Monves told Salvador that CBS/Showtime didn’t earn any money  and pointed him to Pacquiao and Roach to collect his fees.

But a certain Keith Davidson, who is allegedly a lawyer for Roach and Pacquiao, tried to ‘strong arm’ him into accepting $50,000 and threatened him he could lose his job if he refuse to accept the offer.


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