PH Navy attack crafts to be armed by Israeli firm

  • The Defense department has accepted the proposal by an Israeli firm to equip the Philippine Navy’s combat boats
  • The Israeli company will arm the Navy’s MPAC with Typhoon RWS and SPIKE-ER launchers and missiles
  • The contract is worth P594-million and remains part of AFP’s modernization program

MANILA, Philippines – An Israeli firm will equip the Philippine Navy’s upcoming combat boats which will be constructed in a joint venture project between local shipbuilder Propmech Corporation and Taiwanese company Lung Teh Shipbuilding Corporation.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has been awarded the contract to arm the Navy’s 3 future Multi-purpose Attack Crafts (MPAC) with Remote Weapon Station (RWS) – the Mini-Typhoon remote-controlled naval stabilized gun –  and SPIKE-ER launchers and missiles.

The Typhoon RWS can be configured to a ‘gun only’ or a combination of missiles launchers and gun. According to the website Defense Update, citing Navy sources, each Mini-Typhoon will have 2,000 rounds and 10 missile canisters.

The SPIKE-ER is a guided weapon capable of extending the boat’s firepower up to 8 kilometers. It can be very effective against small vessels. (Click here to read more)


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