FedEx defies bad weather to fly a 2-year-old girl in need of a liver transplant

  • A girl in  need of a liver transplant couldn’t fly to Chicago because flights were cancelled due to bad weather
  • FedEx steps in and offers the family a free ride to the hospital 
  • The family is grateful for the help from Good Samaritans

Jesse and Nicholas Faris with their adopted daughter, 2-year-old Brooklyn (Credit: Chicago Tribune)

It was the day Memphis couple Jesse and Nicholas Faris had been waiting for for their adopted daughter Brooklyn — the day they were told that a liver transplant donor had been found that could save the girl’s life.

But there was one big problem; they were in Memphis and the operation had to be done in Chicago. Worse, there was a blizzard that day and all the flights were cancelled.

On Wednesday, February 24, the Faris couple received a call from Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital informing them that a suitable liver donor had been found after nearly a year of waiting.

They knew there wasn’t enough time left for the 2-year-old Brooklyn whom they adopted from China and who is suffering from Alagille syndrome; a genetic disorder that prevents the liver from disposing waste. (Click here to read more)


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