Homeless man refuses to beg for money, asks for job instead

  • A homeless man in Sacramento prefers to ask for job than beg for money from strangers
  • He distributes his credentials to passersby hoping to land a new job
  • His story catches the attention of one kind netizen who shares it on Facebook

030203SACRAMENTO, California – A man who has been homeless for two years doesn’t ask for money from passersby  outside the Smart & Final at Watt Avenue and Arden Way in Sacramento. Instead he is distributing white envelopes with his credentials inside, hoping to land a job from kind-hearted strangers.

Frederick Callison, 52, refused to beg for money despite being homeless. He was a former line cook who lost his job two years ago.

But he is determined to land another job by displaying his credentials to people outside the store. His story caught the attention of Michael Marteen who then shared his story on Facebook.

“His sign said “Need work, and hungry” not just that but he had MULTIPLE resumes printed out and enveloped. SWEAR TO GOD. He has a cell phone and is trying to get off the streets,” Marteen wrote in his post.

The sharer added he gave the man what he could at that time he met him – bag of some raviolis, chips and a sandwich plus a jug of water.

“He deserves a shot more than people begging for money,“ Marteen  said. “I’d rather buy someone food, hungry looking for a job than someone begging for money with a cigarette in their hand.” (Click here to read more)


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