Model diagnosed with “small breast syndrome” dies during surgery

  • A young Chinese fashion model was diagnosed with “small breast syndrome” by a local beauty clinic
  • The clinic, where she had a nose job previously, also told her she had small eyes
  • She later dies during the breast enhancement surgery
  • The family are angry after being told of the victim’s death only hours later

Physician Xiemou is said to be one of those who operated on the victim (Credit: Metro)

A 25-year-old Chinese fashion model diagnosed with “small breast syndrome” by a beauty clinic died while undergoing breast augmentation surgery, the People’s Daily Online reports.

The mother-of-two, who was identified only as Ting Ting, reportedly went to a local clinic early this month in China’s southern province of Shenzhen for a consultation. She was diagnosed with the so-called ‘small breast syndrome’ and was told her eyes are small.

It was also the same beauty clinic where she had previously underwent a nose job.

The woman’s distraught husband, Yip, said his wife had paid the clinic 45,600 Chinese yuan ($7,000) for the operation which would include a breast enlargement surgery and another to make her eyes look like a Westerner’s.

He told the local media he waited for his wife from 10:30 am until 5:00 pm to complete the operations. However, the doctors at the clinic told him later that the woman died.

Hospital records showed that the fashion model was injected with partial anaesthesia before the eye surgery. When she was about to undergo the breast enlargement procedure, an added dose of anaesthesia was further injected.

It was during the last process of surgery that her pulse rapidly dropped; followed by her blood pressure.

The clinic staff only informed the husband around 5:00 pm, but the victim was believed to have died hours earlier. (Click here to read more)


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