US Army’s Delta Force unleashed in Iraq to ‘accelerate’ campaign vs ISIS – Report

  • A Pentagon official confirmed that the elite Delta Force has been deployed in Iraq
  • The EFT’s (Expeditionary Targeting Force) mission is to capture or kill top ISIS commanders
  • Pentagon declared that the momentum is now in the US’s side in its fight against ISIS

The United States Army’s feared Delta Force  has been sent to Iraq “to target, capture or kill top Islamic State (ISIS) operatives; this was confirmed by higly-placed Pentagon sources to CNN.

The Army’s elite and primary counter-terrorism unit has reportedly spent several weeks already in the war-torn Middle East country for pre-covert operation activities like setting up safe houses, establishing intelligence network and coordinating with anti-ISIS militia such as the Permesga Kurdish units.

But while Pentagon and military officials refused to go into details, Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s remarks during a press briefing seemed to confirm so.

“The only thing I’ll say is the EFT (Expeditionary Targeting Force) is in position, it is having an effect and operating, and I expect it to be a very effective part of our acceleration campaign,” Carter was quoted as saying early this week.

Carter said the force will “conduct raids, seize places and people, and free ISIS-held hostages and prisoners” and would cause ISIS “to fear that anywhere, anytime, it may struck.” (Click here to read more)


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