US warns China on West PH Sea: Specific actions will have specific consequences

  • US has again warned China against militarization of the West Philippine Sea
  • A top Pentagon official said China’s actions could face ‘specific consequences’
  • Defense Secretary Ash Carter also revealed the trilateral agreement to counter China’s aggressive moves in the region

US Defense Sec. Ash Carter

In yet another strongly-worded statement, a United States top Pentagon official has warned China of ‘specific consequences’ against militarization of West Philippine Sea/South China Sea.

During a recent speech at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said China should stop pursuing the militarization of the disputed territory where neighbors Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan and the Philippines have overlapping claims

“Specific actions will have specific consequences. These activities have the potential to increase the risk of miscalculation or conflict among claimant states,” the Pentagon chief stressed.

Carter’s remark follows report of China’s deployment of fighter jets and surface-to-air missiles to Woody Island off the coast of Vietnam over the past few weeks.

Just recently, Filipino fishermen claimed they were prevented by Chinese patrol boats from entering the Jackson Atoll (Quirino Atoll); a feature that is historically a traditional fishing ground for locals and is part of the Palawan province.

When asked to elaborate on the ‘consequences’ China might face, Carter explained that the US military has set $425-million to be spent for military operations with allied nations in the Asia-Pacific Region over the next four years. (Click here to read more)


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