Cristine Reyes speaks up on ‘misunderstanding’ with Vivian Velez

  • Cristine Reyes finally broke her silence on the alleged misunderstanding with Vivian Velez
  • The 27-year-old actress posted her lengthy statement on Facebook
  • ABS-CBN said it has already looked into the controversy and has spoken with both actresses

MANILA, Philippines – After keeping mum for days, Cristine Reyes has finally aired her side on the alleged misunderstanding with Vivian Velez during the shooting of an episode for Kapamilya teleserye ‘Tubig at Langis’.

In a lengthy statement posted on her Facebook account, the 27-year-old actress shed light on what actually happened between her and Velez who accused her of ‘rude treatment’ on the set of the television soap.

Below is her full statement on Facebook:

I just want to put things in perspective. I have always put our senior stars in high regard and do my best to treat them with much respect. In fact I have not had any incidents like this with anyone, senior or otherwise, on the set of any project until now.

When we first started taping for “Tubig at Langis” everyone was working well together. But about two weeks ago I had an issue with the tent assigned to me. It was infested with so many mosquitos that made it very uncomfortable to stay in. I was also quite afraid of any of us getting dengue. The Associate Producer (AP) instructed the production staff to put katol but it proved ineffective. I endured that taping day with the production’s promise to transfer me to a better dressing room in FUTURE tapings. I thought that it was not so much to ask because I’m the first to arrive and the last to be packed up most of the time due to the volume of sequences I had to do every taping day.

The next taping after that I was transferred to a better dressing room. It was the masters bedroom of the location we were at. From then on, that area became my regular dressing room or standby area. Last Thursday (March 3) the Executive Producer (EP) asked me if Ms. Vivian can share the dressing room with me because her assigned area was not ready to be occupied yet. I of course agreed. I was fine sharing a room with any of my co-stars for as long as we have mutual respect. I would not have agreed with production if I had any ill feelings towards Ms Vivian.

My staff and I came from shooting for a movie that day so we were all tired. We tried to get some rest and sleep in the bedroom but Ms Vivian made it difficult for us. She was busy fixing her things and in the process made a lot of noise. She was also arguing with her Production Assistant then quite loudly that made sleeping impossible at that point. At some point I stood up to use the rest room and was annoyed to see the toilet bowl unflushed, so when I went out I immediately called my make-up artist’s attention thinking it was he who last used the bathroom. (Click here to read more)


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