Fox sports presenter awarded $55-M in case over nude video

  • A female Fox Sports presenter was handed $55-M in a lawsuit over nude video taken and leaked online by her stalker
  • Erin Andrews sued her stalker and the hotel operators in 2009
  • The hotel’s management and owner were also held liable by the jury for failing to protect her privacy

Andrews'stalker Michael Barrett (Photo Credit: Gawker)

The female Fox Sports presenter who brought a multi-million lawsuit against her stalker who took a video of her inside a hotel where she was staying in 2009 was awarded $55-million in damages on Monday, March 7.

Fox Sports correspondent Erin Andrews, who was still with ESPN when the incident happened, took her stalker Michael David Barret and the Nashville Marriot hotel management company and owner to court for a $75-million lawsuit over a video the pervert took and leaked online.

The nearly five-minute clip was uploaded by Barret on the internet and had been watched by millions.

Barret had since pleaded guilty to stalking Andrews on several occasions. In 2009, he managed to dupe a Nashville hotel staff into disclosing which room Andrews stayed before asking to be booked next to her.

The suspect took a video of Andrews on the door’s peep hole while she was changing her clothes.

During the trial, the hotel management, Windsor Capital Group, and its owner, West End Hotel Partners argued  it was totally Barret’s fault and the man had already claimed sole responsibility for obtaining Andrew’s room number.

But in January, while the Nashville court acquitted Marriot International, it found the hotel owner and management liable for failing to protect and guaranty the privacy of its guest. (Click here to read more)


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