Officer visits 3-year-old boy who wanted to meet a cop, and their photo goes viral

  • A police officer was dispatched to the home of the boy who had always wanted to meet a cop in person
  • The photo of the adorable toddler and the hunky cop has since gone viral on social media
  • Female netizens are swooning over the officer’s good looks

A three-year-old boy only wanted to meet a real police officer in person, and so a cop was sent to visit him after his uncle called the police station one day about the toddler’s request.

The photo of Tayden Nguyen and Officer Mike Gradilla, the 26-year-old Westminster cop who was given the assignment, has since gone viral on social media, but not just for his heartwarming act of kindness but for some other reason.

KTLA 5 said Tayden has always been fascinated by police officers and wanted to meet one. Gradilla was immediately dispatched to the boy’s home in Huntington Beach to pay him a short visit.

He showed up in a police car and took some photos alongside the adorable preschooler while spending some time with him.

“I was there to brighten his day, but he brightened my day,” Gradilla told the Orange County Register.

A photo of the boy, who was also dressed up as a cop, and the officer was posted on the Westminster Police Department’s (WPD)Facebook page and has been shared more than 17,200 times since over a week ago and has received 68K likes. (Click here to read more)


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