UAE battered by torrential rains, strong winds

  • The United Arab Emirates has been battered by extreme weather condition over the past days
  • Cars were submerged in flood waters as traffic was reduced to a standstill for hours
  • Residents shared dramatic photos and footages of the chaotic scene on social media
  • The bad weather will likely continue until Thursday

Vehicles braved flood in Sharjah

ABU DHABI, UAE – The predominantly hot and humid United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been battered by strong winds and torrential rains over the past few days resulting in heavy flooding around the seven emirates.

Social media users have uploaded dramatic photos and videos showing cars submerged in knee-deep waters, debris flying and falling from buildings, commuters wading through floods, billboards knocked off by strong winds and even hails the size of 1 dirham.

According to local media,  the National Centre of Seismology and Meteorology (NCSM) at Al Bateen Airport in the capital Abu Dhabi recorded winds of up to 126 kilometer per hour (kph) and more than 240 millimetres of rainfall in the area between Dubai and Al Ain.

Monstrous traffic jam was observed in the motorway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi forcing other motorists to turn back on Wednesday, March 9. Others were caught in the traffic chaos that was reduced to a stand still for hours.

The extreme weather condition also forced Etihad Airways to delay 10 departing flights from Abu Dhabi International Airport while 11 incoming flights had to be diverted.

There were also reports of evacuation at Al Bateen airport where the Abu Dhabi Air Expo is currently being held. (Click here to read more)

Watch the video below:


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