Woman wakes up from coma, names BF who stayed by her side as attacker

  • A woman slipped into coma for months after being beaten by an attacker
  • Her boyfriend stayed by her side and even paid for the hospital bills
  • She woke up after 8 months and named her own boyfriend as the one who beat her with a rolling pin

Lin claims she was beaten with a rolling pin (Credit: Mirror)

A woman who slipped into coma finally woke up after eight months; only to find out the attacker who put her in the vegetative state was no other than the man who stayed by her bedside at the hospital.

The ‘romantic’ story of Lin Yingying, 22, and her ‘devoted’ boyfriend, Liu Fenghe, 25, struck a chord among Chinese netizens several months before and went viral on social media.

The man was depicted a hero and a ‘loving’ BF after he stayed by her side throughout the months that she was in coma.

He earned praises, too, for paying for her hospital bills amounting to $37,000. He was called the ‘model partner’ any woman could have hoped for, until she woke up and revealed the twist in their ‘fairy tale romance.’

Apparently, it was Liu who beat Lin with a rolling pin in September 2014 over an argument inside the bakery they both owned and managed in Liaoning, China. She claimed she was beaten half-dead by Liu after she burned 20 loaves of bread.

Her last memory of the attack was her boyfriend calling an ambulance.

When the woman was released from the hospital in February 2015 and woke up in May, she found Liu by her side, but chose to keep silent for fear he might attack her again if she unmasked her as the assailant. (Click here to read more)


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