Woman with cerebral palsy has 4 published books she wrote in 10 years … using her feet

  • A Chinese woman with cerebral palsy managed to have four books published
  • She wrote the books in 10 years on a computer using only her feet
  • All her 40 first edition were sold out at the book-signing event
  • She is not the first woman with cerebral palsy who completed a book using only her feet

Despite her condition, a 26-year-old Chinese woman with cerebral palsy managed to have four books published; all written on computer using her feet. She spent ten years to complete the books.

Just recently, Sun Lukang from Shandong province attended a book-signing event for her works at a local coffee shop. Fans read her own poems while she autographed books for them.

Sun was born a premature baby in 1990. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy months after her birth.

Not giving up on her, Sun’s mother, Jiang Jie, helped her daughter with rehabilitation exercises. A specialist later encouraged them that Sun must learn to write with her feet before sending her to a primary school.

It was a huge challenge both for Sun and her mother, but determination paid off and she eventually mastered the trick.

“While I can’t use my hands, my feet are much more nimble than other people’s,” she told theShanghaiist.

After her father brought home a computer when she was 12 years old, things for Sun changed for the better. She discovered she could actually type well using her feet.

Coupled with  high school and training courses plus tutors, Sun eventually started writing books. She also attended college courses and put up a literary club while collecting books. She confessed to be a voracious reader. (Click here to read more)


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