Another terror attack in Paris foiled – Report

  • French police have foiled another terrorist attack in Paris early morning of Wednesday 
  • At least four people were arrested including one female during a dawn raid 
  • The suspects were found to be in possession of unused cartridges for automatic weapons and computer equipment
  • The incident came one day after a man with link to the November 13 attack in Paris was killed in a shootout with police in Brussels

PARIS, France – Police have foiled an imminent terrorist attack in Paris, France after four people were arrested dawn on Wednesday, March 16.

According to the Daily Mail, the arrested suspects are believed to be Islamist radicals who are planning another attack in the French capital. They were reportedly found to be in possession of unused cartridge for automatic weapons as well as computer equipment.

Authorities refused to give further details pending investigation of the suspects – three men and a woman – but the DM article said the security forces had files on them.

They were arrested at the nearby northern suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis.

The incident came just one day after a man with suspected link to the November 13, 2015 attack was killed in a raid by Belgian police on Tuesday. (Click here to read more)


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